We advocate for our community.

There are many issues on a local, city, county and state levels which affect our way of living. It is vital we are aware as a community and make our voice heard when necessary. With a current membership of over 250 individuals, we welcome new members who live in the confines of the Alexander Valley in Sonoma County, California.

We gather to strengthen our friendships.

A group of voices is greater than one individual. We speak in the name of our Association representing our community as a whole. As an association, our work is representing the ideals we have set forth and to protect these ideals. Each member of our Association has a voice. Most of us have known each other for decades. We have celebrated holidays, harvest, life and death together. It is working together as community whether in business, as friends and neighbors that makes us stronger.

My family moved here in 1962. We continue to live and thrive in a valley of hardworking farmers and dedicated families.

Clay Green, past president of the Alexander Valley Association