The Alexander Valley Association and its nine board members are responsible for overseeing a plethora of issues in preserving and maintaining the natural beauty which surrounds the Alexander Valley.

The Sonoma County General Plan is set in place to set standards for land use in unincorporated Sonoma County including Alexander Valley. It prioritizes, organizes, and directs development and conservation. General Plan policies are implemented by specific standards and rules that exist within the County’s Zoning Ordinance, Area Plans, and Specific Plans.

Growth and prosperity is inevitable, yet it is crucial to maintain healthy growth and manageable change with adherence to your neighbors, community and the environment. The Alexander Valley Association board prioritizes issues pertaining to Winery Permits and Zoning, Land use, Hazard Mitigation, Water issues and Wildfire protection.

We work closely with our state, county and local officials and other associations to mitigate and oversee the various issues at hand.

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