An Association represented by Neighbors.

Since 1972, the Alexander Valley Association has represented families, farmers, and businesses in Alexander Valley of Sonoma County. The AVA was created by local founding families to preserve the natural beauty that endows the valley and to strengthen the spirit of community among us.

Our continuing efforts include monitoring progress of the Sonoma County General Plan update, being active in the many processes of the City of Santa Rosa and Sonoma County Wastewater plans, general oversight of Casino activities, and other county and regional issues.

There are vast issues on local, city, county and state levels which affect our way of living. It is crucial we are aware as a community and make our voice heard when necessary. With a current membership of over 250 individuals, we welcome new members who live in the confines of the Alexander Valley, Sonoma County, California.

We advocate for our Community.

The Alexander Valley Association is neighbors appointed to the board working together on behalf of all of us. The greater number of individuals and land owners in our Membership, the more strongly our voice is heard at the county seat in Santa Rosa and by other agencies that affect our lives.

A group of voices gathered together has greater advocacy than one individual. We speak in the name of our Association representing our community as a whole. As an association, our work is representing the ideals we have set forth and to protect these ideals. Each member of our Association has a voice when you are an active member.

We gather to strengthen our Friendships.

Our association has gathered together for decades in celebration of our Annual Meeting in February, our Annual Picnic in August, and our Community Gathering in November. We are neighbors and friends in the Alexander Valley supporting each other as a community should.

In 1972, seven men had the foresight that in order to preserve for future generations the beauty and tranquility of the Alexander Valley, it would be necessary for them to become actively involved in its future development. Therefore they founded the Alexander Valley Association. Since that time I and many other residents of Alexander Valley have had the pleasure to serve on the AVA board of directors to carry on their goals to encourage the development of this valley as an agricultural community and a place of residence, relaxation and rural life style.

The seven founding members were Robert Young, Russel Green, Richard Keith, James Miller, Alvin Cadd, Steve Johnson and Lawrence Smith.

Ralph Sceales, past Alexander Valley Association president